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Mf Rampage 2

Uwe Boll is no stranger to blood and gristle, and in RAMPAGE 2, the sequel to his 2009 revenge flick, RAMPAGE, that’s exactly what you get - maximum blood, uber gristle! It’s been three years since Bill Williamson’s mass-shooting claimed one hundred-ish lives, and now he’s back, very much alive, on the loose, and as dangerous as ever. This time he targets a national news station in order to sing his message of violence to the world. Equal parts sympathetic and detestable, our “hero” switches between the righteous fury of a repressed lower class, and the taunting pettiness of a hateful and scared bully. It’s political satire, Boll-style. Do you need to have seen the original? NOPE! Do you need to have a stomach for hair-raising action and balls-to-the-wall violence? YES SIR!!

1hr 33mins long