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Mf Plague

Includes Q&A with directors Nick Kozakis & Kosta Ouzas The local horror keeps on rolling in, and here’s a brilliant, intelligent reworking of a classic horror trope from our own back yard: a young couple stuck in the middle of nowhere fighting it out against hordes of the living dead. With food and ammo in short supply, things are looking pretty grim. When a smiling stranger turns up it seems at first that things are on the up – if only the zombie apocalypse was so simple! PLAGUE is a zombie flick with a difference – the monsters here are not so much the drooling, rotting undead, but the very people you hoped were on your side. Smart, terrifying and powerful, PLAGUE is an auspicious debut from the directing team of Nick Kozakis and Kosta Ouzas - and an Aussie genre gem that must be seen!

1hr 26mins long