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Mf Pernicious

Includes Q&A with director James Cullen Bresack James Cullen Bressack is one of the bold new voices of American horror. At the tender age of twenty-two he’s already clocked up a string of directing credits the length of your arm. PERNICIOUS takes Bressack and his dark visions to the holiday paradise of Thailand. Here he conjures a pitch-black tale of three young women who arrive for the holiday of their dreams, but instead face a nightmare beyond wildest imaginings. The source of all the trouble? A gold statue containing the spirit of a dead child no less – just the thing to ruin your spring break! PERNICIOUS is a blood-fuelled combo of HOSTEL and THE RING, and with Bressack at the helm, the horror stakes are set to hyper-drive! Fun, frenetic, and frightening with lashings or gore and mayhem, PERNICIOUS will have you squirming in your seat, begging for more!