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Monster Shorts Director Catherine Seccombe has spent the last few months searching through hundreds of submissions. Each film is unique and brilliant in its own way - feast on the depravity! CAT SICK BLUES – Dave Jackson (AUSTRALIA) 9 min LET GOD SORT THEM OUT- Cedric Le Men (FRANCE) 13 min TWENTY FORTY THREE – Eugenie Muggleton (AUSTRALIA) 17 min ALL I KNOW IS NOTHING – Matthew Barker (UK) 3 min THE JELLY WRESTLER – Rebecca Thomson (AUSTRALIA) 14 min DEAD HEARTS – Stephen W. Martin (CANADA) 16 min MADWOMAN- Sebastian Mittelman (AUSTRALIA) 6 min MONSTRO! – Christopher Romano (USA) 10 min THE DEAD GUY IN THE TRUNK- Lucas Scheffel (AUSTRALIA) 10 min PRANK- Alex Weight (AUSTRALIA) 11 min WATERBORNE – Ryan Coonan (AUSTRALIA) 9 min