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Mf Monster Double Feature Poster

Mf Monster Double Feature

THE TOXIC AVENGER plus THE CLASS OF NUKE ÉM HIGH Includes introduction from director Lloyd Kaufman. 9.00pm introduction 9.15pm TOXIC feature starts (82min) 10.37pm TOXIC ends 10.40pm NUKE EM feature starts (85min) 12.05pm NUKE EM ends In 1984,Troma Films gifted the world THE TOXIC AVENGER, one of the most beautifully puerile exercises in trash cinema ever committed to celluloid. The film was a hit for the company, spawning numerous decades of sequels, TV spin-offs and merchandise, as well as giving birth to one of cinema’s most enduring characters, The Toxic Avenger - or as he’s affectionately known by fans, ‘Toxie’. The plot is a masterpiece of simplicity: a Mop Boy at the Tromaville Health Club, Melvin Junko, accidentally falls into a vat of toxic sludge only to emerge as The Toxic Avenger. His brief? To fight the forces of evil and corruption, truth, justice and the Tromaville way! Still as much depraved fun as it was back in its day, THE TOXIC AVENGER remains the jewel in the Troma crown - and here’s your chance to watch it in the presence of the wonderfully passionate and erudite, King of Trash, Lloyd Kaufman! Kaufman followed up THE TOXIC AVENGER with an all-new tale of radioactive mayhem, CLASS OF NUKE EM HIGH. Tromaville High’s gang of thugs, ‘The Cretins’, are the resident on-campus drug barons, cultivating their weed at the nuclear power plant situated next door to the school. ‘The Cretins’ sell a batch of their toxic pot to stoner couple Warren and Chrissie, and when Chrissie falls pregnant she delivers a slimy beast of a bubba who immediately sets off on a rampage of vengeance against the masters of his mutation. CLASS OF NUKE EM HIGH is pure unadulterated 80’s trash, and is played out in a Troma-green glow of wonder-weed and infused with the pungent funk of teenage sleaze – it’s a riotous, radioactive romp that’s impossible not to enjoy - brilliant stuff!