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Mf Let Us Prey

Actress Pollyanna McIntosh is fast becoming a horror heavyweight, and in LET US PREY she shows again why her star is rising so fast - and so high. Here we find her as Rachel, a cop on the first day on the job in a rural backwater – it’s a day she’ll never forget! It begins routine enough until the appearance of a mysterious bearded stranger (Liam Cunningham GAME OF THRONES). Calm, poised and so cool he burns, this unusual guest is on an unholy mission that soon has Rachel fighting for her life. Secrets and lies amongst the coppers are uncovered as midnight looms and threatens to see them all pay for their sins. Dark lust, blood and gore abound in this supernatural shock fest from first time director Brian O’Malley. Prepare to gasp, shiver and cringe, sure even Satan himself enjoys a bit of small town spirit!