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Mf Julia

Includes Q&A with director Matthew A. Brown and star Ashley C. Williams Ashley C. Williams is no stranger to big screen challenges. In 2009 she starred in what has subsequently became one of the most talked about and perhaps controversial films of all time, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE [FIRST SEQUENCE]. Whilst JULIA is a completely different film in about every conceivable way, it is no less confrontational. It is probably the most challenging film in this year’s Monster Fest program. The title character Julia (brilliantly realised by Williams) is brutally gang raped and left for dead by the side of a river. She manages to get home in such a near comatose state which she can barely shake off, until later she overhears women in a bar discussing, “a special therapy of vengeance”. Julia is then introduced to The Therapist, and it’s not long before male appendages are being harvested around town. This is a visually striking, thematically daring film debut from Brown, and is destined to be one of the most talked about films in this year’s program. Make no mistake, JULIA is no walk in the park, but then again, what great films are? JULIA is a great film!