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Mf Inner Demon

Includes Q&A with director Ursula Dabrowski. In 2009, Ursula Dabrowski launched onto the local horror landscape with her brilliant debut feature, FAMILY DEMONS. Five years later she returns with a follow up that not only lives up to her early promise, it delivers in spades! A kidnapped young girl is propelled into a living nightmare when she escapes capture at the hands of a serial killer couple - only to find refuge in a remote farmhouse haunted by a demonic spirit. The second episode of a promised demonic trilogy, INNER DEMON is a taut and unnerving exercise in fear from one of Australia’s most exciting new horror voices. Beautifully realised and utterly terrifying, this is not the kind of film you want to see alone. Screens with short film I Am Undone by Rebecca Thompson

1hr 24mins long