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Iconoclastic Danish director Lars von Trier follows up his controversial Antichrist with this sci-fi disaster drama, starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland.A disaster film, of sorts, Melancholia tells the story of two sisters coming to terms with the imminent death of the planet as a large foreign body takes up a collision course. Justine (Dunst) becomes melancholic and calm when Earth is threatened, meanwhile Claire (Gainsbourg) fears for her life.Von Trier considers his previous films to have happy endings, and promises ominously that this will be the first with an unhappy one.

2hrs 30mins long
M Contains nudity and offensive language

Stellan Skarsgard
Lars von Trier
Kirsten Dunst
Kiefer Sutherland
John Hurt
Jesper Christensen
Charlotte Rampling
Charlotte Gainsbourg