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Giovanni, a thirty-something Sicilian, somewhat introverted and with a dog phobia, loses his job in Milan and is forced to return to Catania, the hometown he had left to seek his fortune. Despite having an excellent professional background, he decides to reluctantly accept a job offer by a former university classmate, Filippo di Molfetta. The offer is to work for a matchmaking agency called "Non + Soli" ("No Longer Alone"), where Filippo has come up with his own approach to finding one's mate: the "Cyrano Method". The approach is founded on coaching candidates, unlikely to find a match based on their own credentials, to acquire personal or professional features attractive to the women selected as potential mates: A sheep farmer becomes a poet, a lawyer is turned into a vegetarian, a pastry shop baker into a micro-chip factory owner. The problem of course is that while they fix the love lives of those who come to them for help, where do they go to receive the same assistance? To each other of course! But sometimes this method backfires, as Giovanni finds himself unwittingly becoming a pawn of this methodology. Full of laughs, the film is stacked with lots of fun vignettes of Italian life.

1hr 32mins long
M Contains offensive language,sexual references and drug use.

Turi Amore
Maria Paola Abruzzo
Giuseppe Caponnet
Giovanni Aragona
Ermanno Amoroso
Elena Bouryka
Corrado Fortuna
Christian Bisceglia
Antonio Alveario
Antonino Bruschetta