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Tegan the Vegan: Animation, 13mins, Aus Director Marisa Martin Tegan is 12, in love with the coolest boy in class and has just found out where meat comes from. An animated face-off between Tegan the Vegan and Elenore the Carnivore. Who will get the glory… and the boy? (NZ Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Meathead: Drama, 12mins, NZ Director Sam Holst It's seventeen-year-old Mick's first day on the job at the local meatworks. Orange O Desespoir: Comedy, 4mins, France Director John Banana What happens when a small sad orange decides to leave for the other side of the shop to meet a bunch of fun dancing pineapples? (World Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Seamstress: Mystery, 15mins, Aus Director Gracie Otto An ailing bird watcher becomes obsessed with a seamstress living next door when he observes her luring birds into her home. (NZ Premiere) Cold Turkey: Drama, 15mins, NZ Director Michelle Savill A frustrated Foley artist with an urgent deadline for the sound effects in a fight scene, is distracted by curious children. (NZ Premiere) Elaine Rides Again: Drama, 15mins, Aus Director Michelle Savill Elaine wants to spend time with her teenage daughter and will do just about anything to make this happen. (World Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt Blue: Drama, 15mins, NZ Director Stephen Kang Blue is an out of work children's TV mascot working as a waiter in an Asian restaurant. Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt

1hr 25mins long