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Martino's Summer

(L`estate di Martino)The summer of 1980 was a tragic one in Italy with the shooting down of a DC9 aircraft in the skies over Ustica and the terrorist bombing in Bologna`s train station. It is against this backdrop that Martino (Luigi Ciardo), an Italian teenager, and Jeff Clark (Treat Williams), an American captain, become friends. Martino`s teenage angst at the beginning of summer is rooted in his mother`s death, his father`s anger and an attraction to his older brother`s girlfriend, Silvia (Matilde Maggio). When Martino sees American soldiers from a nearby NATO base surfing he is intrigued, and after some dogged persistence he convinces Jeff to teach him to surf. Martino and Jeff both have lived through recent tragedies and over their time surfing together, they slowly learn to leave their ghosts in the past. Based on Giorgio Fabbri`s prize-winning script, Luglio 80, this is the tale of a 15 year old boy`s summer of discovery as he learns about girls, surfing and growing up. Massimo Natale`s disarming debut will speak to teenagers but will also charm a broader audience.

1hr 21mins long
M Contains drug use and offensive language

Treat Williams
Simone Borrelli
Pietro Masotti
Matteo Pianezzi
Matilde Maggio
Massimo Natale
Luigi Ciardo