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Maria Full of Grace Poster

Maria Full of Grace

Maria Alvarez (Catalina Sandino Moreno) is a bright and spirited 17-year-old girl who lives with three generations of family members in a cramped house in rural Columbia. Working at a rose plantation stripping thorns from flowers, Maria dreams of the day when she will have the opportunity to leave her small town. When she is finally offered another job with the prospects of traveling the world and substantially more money, Maria quickly accepts. Far from the uneventful rip she is promised, Maria is transported into the risky and ruthless business world of international drug trafficking. Her journey quickly becomes one of determination and survival, and she finally emerges with the grace that will carry her forward into a new life.

1hr 46 min long
M violence, offensive language & drug use

Yenny Paola Vega
Wilson Guerrero
Virgina Ariza
Johanna Andrea Mora
Catalina Sandino Moreno