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Mammuth Poster


Inspired absurdists and cheerleaders of underclass rancour, Delepine and Kervern follow last year's savoury Louise-Michel with the sweet, hilarious grotesquerie of Mammuth. Laid off from the slaughterhouse at 60, Serge Pilardos (Gerard Depardieu) discovers that to pick up his pension he needs to furnish evidence that he's been paying taxes. Wife Catherine (Yolande Moreau) bids him to mount his 70s Mammuth motorcycle, hit the road and track down the myriad former employers who never had the big sucker on their books in the first place.

1hr 32mins long
M Drug use, offensive language

Yolande Moreau
Philippe Nahon
Miss Ming
Isabelle Adjani
Gustave de Kervern
Gerard Depardieu
Bouli Lanners
Benoit Poelvoorde
Benoit Delepine
Anna Mouglalis