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Magnificent Presence

Ferzan Ozpetek`s contemporary ghost tale set in the theatre world is inspired by an Antonio Pietrangeli story. Starring award-winning Elio Germano (`La nostra vita`), the fantastical events are delightfully punctuated by Fellini-like touches and a soundtrack by Turkey`s greatest pop diva Sezen Aksu. This deliciously dark tale tells the story of Pietro, an aspiring actor, who discovers that the old grand house he has recently purchased in Rome is occupied by a collective of ghosts who once formed a vaudevillian troupe in the 1940s. At first Pietro is terrified, while others (including his wacky cousin, Maria) believe he is going mad. However, as he struggles to come to terms with his own homosexuality and failed auditions, Pietro begins to enjoy their companionship.

1hr 47mins long
M Contains offensive language and sexual references

Vittoria Puccini
Margherita Buy
Ferzan Ozpetek
Elio Germano