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Macedonian film at daybreak & does it hurt the first balkan dogma Poster

Macedonian film at daybreak & does it hurt the first balkan dogma

Does it hurt? is reality based on fiction. As director Aneta Lesnikovska mixes her life and those of her friends with a fictional situation that she has invented. Most of her friends in her home country Macedonia are actors and filmmakers who will do anything to act and direct. Due to low funding possibilities in a land in transition, she decides to give them false hope in order to make her film. Aneta lies to her friends that she found producers who will fund her film if they will help her out by sharing their life stories. She films the whole process and what was meant to be the 'making of' becomes the actual film. Film about the lives of Macedonians made from their own perspective. Does it hurt? was an official selection at the Internationales Frauen Film Festival in Dortmund/Cologne, Germany 2010 and Durban International Film Festival in Durban, South Africa August 2007. It has also won the Tiger Award Nomination at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands January 2007 and the Special Jury Award at the International Bermuda Film festival, Bermuda March 2007. Does it hurt? is the first Balkan, as well as the first Dutch film shot according to the Dogma rules and is the directors 10 year celebration gift to the Dogma 95 movement. The feature film will be preceded by a short thriller, "At Daybreak" Just before dawn, an old janitor in a mountain hut finds a scared, young woman hiding in the kitchen. A few moments later, her lover enters the hut, introduces himself as her uncle and starts asking about her. The old man decides to protect her and lies, saying he hadn't seen anyone around. As the film approaches its wild end, that decision will cost him dearly.

2hrs long