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Love is in the Air

‘Love is in the Air (Com’è bello far l`amore)’ - literally translated as ‘How beautiful to make love’ - is the saucy saga of Andrea and Giulia (Claudia Gerini), a long-married couple whose non-existent sex life perks up when Giula’s close high school friend and now Hollywood porn star Max (Filippo Timi Vincere) drops in for an extended visit. When Giulia confides to Max about their problems in the bedroom he advises them on ways to spice things up. Max also provides the couple`s teenage son with some relationship tips. Add a sprinkling of secret videotapes, awkward moments and embarrassing mistakes and you have a hilarious comedy full of endearing characters. Directed by Italy`s breakout commercial comedy director Fausto Brizzi (The Night Before Final Exams, the most successful feature by a first time director in Italy`s movie history), Love is in the Air reveals the importance of keeping love alive while also being true to oneself.

1hr 35mins long
M Contains offensive language & nudity

Filippo Timi
Fausto Brizzi
Fabio De Luigi
Claudia Gerini