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Love You To Death

Rabbit: Comedy, 4mins, NZ Director Jamie Lawrence When Peg, a suburban beautician (Geraldine Brophy), discovers her dog has killed the neighbour's pet rabbit she is forced to undertake extreme measures to cover up the murder. (World Premiere) Connected: Comedy, 7mins, Aus Directors Venetia Taylor When Sophie returns from an overseas trip to find that James has discovered the iPhone. (World Premiere) Darryn Exists: Romance, 15min, NZ Director Jamie Lawrence An unpublished romance novelist finds true love by learning to love herself first. (World Premiere) Plimpton: Drama, 14mins, NZ Director Andrew Hedley The gregarious Matt Plimpton meets the shy Eve and decides to try his luck. Redemption: Drama, 17mins, NZ Director Katie Wolfe Teenagers Zig and Jaffa get wasted, really wasted, and take the broken path from the house to Jaffa's shed to play Redemption. Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt (NZ Premiere) Sleep Easy: Comedy Drama, 12mins, NZ Director Sam Behrend Fresh out of a relationship and living on her own, Beth struggles to regain a sense of independence only to find her hold on waking life wavering when bizarre dreams start to manifest as an absurd reality. (NZ Premiere) Cockroach: Comedy, 14mins, Aus Director Luke Eve Charlie is run over by his own wedding car, then reincarnated as a cockroach. (NZ Premiere) Click here to watch the trailer/excerpt

1hr 23mins long

Yuki Ellias
Rafeeq Ellias
Nicholas Brown
Chandan Roy Sanyal