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Love Crime

Imagine Dangerous Liaisons crossed with Working Girl and you are well on your way to the core of Crime d'amour. Alain Corneau's latest film is a remorseless tale of office politics played out by two ruthless executives, deliciously portrayed by the superb Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier. With ambition and jealousy oozing from their pores, they achieve the magnificent feat of eating up the scenery while delivering highly understated performances as competitive colleagues who become bitter enemies. Corneau's script is so tight it squeaks, with precise, propulsive scenes that are bitingly sharp and cut to the quick. No asides, no longueurs. This is a masterclass in filmmaking.

1hr 34mins long
M violence, offensive language & sex

Patrick Mille
Olivier Rabourdin
Mike Powers
Marie Guillard
Ludivine Sagnier
Kristin Scott Thomas
Julien Rochefort
Guillaume Marquet
Gerald Laroche
Alain Corneau