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Louise-Michel Poster


What to do when the workers of a factory have been laid off overnight? Louise has an original idea: why not pool the compensation money to ... hire a hit man and to liquidate the boss? Motion accepted so Louise goes in search of the gem they need and unfortunately comes across Michel, a stinky security specialist. Michel, who is busted, gladly accepts the deal but proves so inept that he sub-contracts the job to improbable novices. Moreover, as the factory was a mere branch of a multinational company, it is no bed of roses to find the one who actually made the decision to outsource its activities. But Louise will not give up so easily.

1hr 34mins long
M Contains violence and offensive language.

Yolande Moreau
Mathieu Kassovitz
Joseph Dahan
Herve Desinge
Gustave de Kervern
Bouli Lanners
Benoit Poelvoorde
Benoit Delepine
Albert Dupontel
Agnes Aube