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Lost In Wonderland

New Zealander Zoe McIntosh directs this documentary about Rob Moodie, a straight man who turns up in court to defend himself on contempt charges calling himself Miss Alice and wearing the frock to prove it. We see that his fearlessness bespeaks a principled confidence about who he is, which is miraculous considering his disintegrated upbringing and the many different lines of work – farmer, mechanic, detective, trade unionist, barrister – to which he has successfully put his hand since. Professional associates and family members fill out this fascinating encounter with a one-of-a-kind self-made man.

52mins long

Zoe McIntosh
Rob Moodie
Margaret Berryman
Lex Moodie
Keith Berryman
Janet Moodie
Bill Moodie
Alec Waugh