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Loren & Mark

Fresh and exciting... these guys ROCK!! - Tommy Emmanuel, Australian guitar virtuoso. Auckland born Mark Mazengarb has been based in the USA for the past two years, touring full time in a world class guitar duo with New York Guitarist Loren Barrigar. The duo is coming to New Zealand for the first time in 2013 and will be doing a special intimate show at the Vic Theatre on November 1st. Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb share a unique musical chemistry seldom found among musicians. Their varied repertoire of original and arranged music consists of stunning guitar duets and beautiful vocal harmonies, making their shows widely appealing. Influenced by Jazz, Bluegrass, Western and Popular music; their guitar style is largely built upon the thumb-picking techniques pioneered by guitar greats Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. Loren and Mark’s live performances feature not only their spectacular technical grasp of the guitar, but also their outstanding musicality and ability to be spontaneously creative. The interaction between the two musicians is as much a feature of their shows as is their world-class guitar playing. The Duo has toured extensively in the USA and in Europe, and they have a rapidly growing fan base. This is guitar playing like you’ve never seen!

1hr 40mins long

Mark Mazengarb
Loren Barrigar