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Lessons In Chocolate Poster

Lessons In Chocolate

Mattia (Luca Argentero), a 32 year old building contractor in Perugia has all the trappings of success; nice suits, a flash car, a gorgeous girlfriend and is on a promising career path. But behind this facade he is cutting corners with site safety and hiring immigrant workers. He is about to close the biggest deal of his professional life, when one of his illegally hired workers, Kamal (Hassani Shapi), is badly injured when falling off a roof because of lack of scaffolding. Kamal, who had came to Italy from his native Egypt to realise his dream of opening his own pastry shop, threatens to sue Mattia unless Mattia takes his place in an advanced chocolate making course at the Perugina factory! Mattia has no choice but to take Kamal's place in the school and assume his identity.

1hr 35mins long
M Contains offensive language and sexual references.

Violante Placido
Neri Marcore
Monica Scattini
Matteo Oleotto
Luca Argentero
Josefia Forli
Hassani Shapi
Francesco Pannofino
Claudio Cupellini