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Lepel Poster


ollows the adventures of a nine-year old boy named Lepel. After the mysterious disappearance of his parents, his mean grandmother Koppenol takes care of him. She uses him as a servant. One day, when Lepel sees the chance, he flees and hides out in a local department store. He becomes friends with the tough girl Pleun, who secretly lives behind the sweaters. Lepel and Pleun get help from Max, the friendly shop assistant who is secretly in love with Miss Broer, the shop manager. Max and Pleun draw up a plan by which they hope to find Lepel''s parents. Throughout their search Miss Broer gets involved in their conspiracy, but grandmother Koppenol doesn''t give up on Lepel that easily and together with Lepel''s schoolmaster Bijts, she tries to get him back. The department store is no longer safe for Lepel during the day. Luckily he has Pleun, who sees he stays out of the claws of his grandmother and helps him to find his parents.

1hr 36mins long

Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen
Sander Truijen
Reinout Bussemaker
Neeltje de Vree
Mara van Vlijmen
Loes Luca
Lieke-Rosa Altink
Kees Hulst
Joep Truijen
Heleen Mineur
Felix Lysaukowski
Carice V