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Legal Aid Poster

Legal Aid

40 year-old Antoine Lahoud, although disappointed by his profession, is an enthusiastic legal aid. He drags himself from one charity case to another. One day as he is pleading a case, he is noticed by Henry Marsac, a lawyer with fiendish reputation. He is then hired to defend mobsters and work on more profitable cases. Antoine who was financially struggling, is quick to appreciate living in luxury. However, it doesn't take him long to understand that Marsac's interests are not entirely laudable and that this collaboration will put Antoine behind bars.

1hr 28mins long
M Contains violence,sexual references and offensive language

Vinciane Millereau
Toni Hristoff
Sophie Guillemin
Roschdy Zem
Rodolphe Le Corre
Robert Chartier
Pierre Londiche
Nathalie Lacroix
Mathias Mlekuz
Jean-Pierre Martins
Jean-Philippe Ecoffey