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Le Havre

"Some wonderful, big-hearted comedy was provided by the Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki... Le Havre had all the master's trademarked deadpan dialogue and delicious nuggets of bone-dry humour, and his compassion for the marginalised and dispossessed, but with something richer and sweeter than I remember from his previous pictures… Le Havre is shot in the French port town, with French actors and dialogue, though Kaurismaki's repertory stalwart player Kati Outinen has a role.

1hr 33mins long

Roberto Piazza
Quoc-dung Nguyen
Pierre Etaix
Kati Outinen
Jean-Pierre Leaud
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Francois Monnie
Evelyne Didi
Elina Salo
Blondin Miguel
Andre Wilms