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Laughing at Ourselves

This collection of comedic short films is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Some are shocking, others are silly, awkward or just plain filthy. We all need more laughter in our lives. Join us for a giggle. HONK IF YOU’RE HORNY Comedy, 12 mins, NZ Andy Anderson gives a career-highlight performance as a lascivious taxi driver telling a hilarious dirty story to an enigmatic young musician, the captive audience on a taxi ride from hell. Dir/Writer: Joe Lonie. Prod: Anna Geddes, Cass Donaldson. UNRAVEL Documentary, 14 mins, UK, NZ Premiere Where do our unwanted clothes go? Follow them to Northern India and meet the people who recycle them. Find out what they think of Western throw-away society in this revealing documentary. Dir: Meghna Gupta. Prod: Gigi Berardi, Meghna Gupta. UMPIRE STATE OF MIND Comedy, 7 mins, USA An unashamedly silly comedy about an Aussie rules umpire bereft in NYC, confusing unsuspecting locals by umpiring baseball players at local parks and pedestrians crossing at traffic lights. Dir/Writer: James Magnus Woods. Prod: James Magnus Woods, Rene Mainstone. SERVE AND PROTECT Comedy, 13 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere A comic crime-fighting caper set in small-town New Zealand. Local police officer Darryl Kitchen must use all his (limited) experience to solve the mystery of the Dynamite Bandit. Dir: Ben Woollen. Prod/Writer: Ben Woollen, Scott Granville. PATTERN Comedy, 10 mins, NZ, World Premiere Derek’s self-esteem is falling out, along with his hair. There’s only one thing for it – find someone with less hair and stand next to them. Dir/Prod/Writer: Barry Prescott. MAN IN PAK (Man in Suit) Comedy/Drama, 10 mins, Netherlands A family goes to a fun fair for the day. In this absurd and surprising tale, a woman, missing comfort and warmth in her life, seeks it in the arms of... well, you’ll see. Dir: Anna van der Heide. Prod: Erwin Godschalk, Maarten Swart. Writer: Inge Hardeman. FLAMINGO PRIDE Comedy, 6 mins, Germany This crowd-pleasing animation tells the story of the only heterosexual flamingo in his desperate attempt to find love. Dir/Prod/Writer: Tomer Eshed. Prod: Dennis Rettkowski. Writer: Tristian Taylor.

1hr 11mins long

Various Directors
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