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Ladies Special

The intriguing and world famous local trains of Mumbai carry everyday not just scores of people but their stories, hopes, desires, anxieties, connections and friendships. Ladies Special is an account of journeys of women commuters traveling from Virar to Churchgate (60 kms apart) and back during peak hours, in Mumbai, India, in a women's only train called - Ladies Special. The documentary gently uncovers the humour and the solidarity of female commuters as they create a space for themselves somewhere between work and home in the highly stressful life of Mumbai City. A space where they are liberated by the freedom to be women; recharging their batteries to face the challenges of the day, without carrying any burdens of relationships. Baby showers are thrown, birthdays celebrated, dance parties held; vegetables are chopped and readied for dinner. As one of them rightly says "It's their time and it's time out

28mins long

Nidhi Tuli