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Labyrinth Of Lies

The year is 1958. The war has been over for thirteen years and Germany is not only recovering but booming. Mysteriously the Nazis are nowhere to be found and the death camps are a barely discussed rumour. Allowing the atrocities of the Second World War to be left in the past is good for business and all for the best in this land of milk and honey. At least until a journalist, Thomas Gnielka (André Szymanski), recognizes a former commander of the Auschwitz concentration camp in a teaching role. Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling), a young prosecutor, decides to investigate where the perpetrators of Hitler's 'Final Solution' have gone, not realizing that his efforts will force a country to reflect on a history that few wish to remember. Directed by Giulio Ricciarelli. Winner of Best Film at the Athens International Film Festival, nominated for 4 German Film Awards including Best Feature. German language, English subtitles

2hrs 4mins long
M Sex scenes & content that may disturb.

Friederike Becht
André Szymanski
Alexander Fehling