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Kung Fu Cyborg

Kung Fu Cyborg is a story about Deming, a national secret as it is the first cybernetic organism programmed with social conscience created by the Chinese government. To test DE Ming's sophisticated identity, De Ming is send to a remote area, a village as a newcomer. Unaware of DE Ming's robotic identity, the villagers come to care for him. Then an unbelievable confrontation turns everything around when another cyborg, K‐88 disappears after a neural meltdown and creates havoc. De Ming, together with it's guardian Xu are sent to hunt down the malfunctioned K‐88. It is the year 2046 where robots are created to serve man. De Ming (Alex Fong) is the first generation of AI android invented to protect the police workforce. Under the supervision of Xu Da Chun (Hu Jun), De Ming is put on a job training in a remote village where his real identity is not revealed. While working De Ming's female colleague Su Mei (Betty Sun) falls in love with him, not knowing he's a robot. One day De Ming and Xu Da Chun are assigned to capture a runaway robot K‐88 (Jacky Wu). After a heavy battle K‐88 explains his reason of escaping; he does not want to become a robot forever. Su Mei, meanwhile feels heartbroken as De Ming could not reciprocate her love for him as the robot could not understand the meaning of love. Later De Ming faces new challenge when a group of cyborg assassins has landed on Earth to terminate any defectors and he must defeat them...

1hr 42mins long

Sun Li
Ronald Cheng
Marshall Napier
Law Kar-ying
Jeffrey Lau
Jacky Wu
Eric Tsang
Alex Fong