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Kiwi Magic

Kiwi Magic has all the thrills, spills, spectacles and laughs normally reserved for first run Hollywood features. Starring Ned Beatty, Billy T. James and New Zealand landscapes seldom seen, Kiwi Magic is one trip definitely more enjoyable from the security of a theatre seat. But be advised, Showscan film technology is so realistic you may find your hands frantically reaching for the seatbelt! Kiwi Magic has gone to the very limits of film and sound technology to capture the magnificent splendour and awe inspiring beauty of the New Zealand landscape. 35mm high resolution film run at an astounding 30 frames per second coupled with a distortion-free 6 track compact disc sound system envelopes the viewer in a sensory cocoon of actually "being there".

30mins long

Ned Beatty
Billy T. James