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Kirikou et la Sorciere Poster

Kirikou et la Sorciere

Tiny but mighty Kirikou is the last hope of his village. Can this little hero stop the terrible spell of Karaba the Sorceress? In a small village somewhere in Africa, a boy named Kirikou is born in a spectacular way. But he's certainly not your normal baby. He knows what he wants very well and he's not afraid to say it. Plus, he was born able to speak and run - extremely fast. The Sorceress Karaba has cast a powerful spell on Kirikou's village. So Kirikou decides to set out on an adventure-filled voyage to understand the cause of her wickedness, and put a stop to it.

1hr 14mins long
PG Contains low level violence

Theo Sebeko
Michel Ocelot
Antoinette Kellermann