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Kings of the Gym

The Top of the South Arts Touring Consortium is delighted to present the Auckland Theatre Company production of Dave Armstrong`s delightfully romantic and wickedly entertaining comedy Kings of the Gym. Armstrong is now firmly established New Zealand’s foremost satirical and comedic playwright, with a string of hits to his name including the box-office-record-setting Le Sud, The Tutor, The Motor Camp, Niu Sila (co-written with Oscar Kightley), Radio New Zealand’s Down The List and the TV series Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby and Spin Doctors. ``Armstrong takes delight in completely skewering us... It`s thrilling being in the voyeur`s seat.`` - Theatrescenes ``Known for his comic writing which is sophisticated and sharp.`` - NBR Story: It`s the new school term and Hautapu High is set to rocket up Metro`s Best Schools ranking. The only thing standing in the way is a rearguard action led by the old-school, politically incorrect but hugely popular head of the PE department, Laurie O`Connor.

1hr 40mins long

Peter Elliott
John Leigh
Cian Elyse White
Bronwyn Bradley