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Kawasaki`s Rose Poster

Kawasaki`s Rose

A richly resonant drama exploring the intersection of personal lives and communist state surveillance in their own country. Twenty years after the Velvet Revolution, not a month passes without new reports of people whose fates were manipulated decades earlier by the notorious STB. A philandering young sound engineer's involvement in such a TV documentary about his father-in-law is our entry point into a secret family history loaded with what, to the younger man's jaundiced eye, look like out-and-out betrayals. The truth, of course, is much more interesting.

1hr 40mins long

Vladimir Kulhavy
Petra Hrebickova
Milan Mikulcik
Martin Huba
Lenka Vlasakova
Ladislav Smocek
Ladislav Chudik
Jan Hrebejk
Daniela Kolarova
Antonin Kratochvil
Anna Simonova