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Blisteringly funny throughout, this hysterical Danish comedy will appeal to those who think Curb Your Enthusiasm and films like The Hangover don't push the envelope enough. KLOWN stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen as fictionalised versions of themselves: comedians with extremely tolerant girlfriends. Frank is the bumbling square and Casper is the narcissistic extrovert who plans a lads' canoe trip to the greatest brothel in the world. In the first of many bad twists, Frank, to impress his sceptical girlfriend, invites her sister's prepubescent nephew, Bo, along. Casper's incessant horn-dog nature propels the three of them into ever murkier waters. Crashing through comedy walls with taboo-busting humour, the film eventually becomes a sweet affirmation of fatherhood in its examination of male insecurities.

1hr 29mins long

Mikkel Norgaard
Marcuz Jess Petersen
Frank Hvam
Casper Christensen