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K2 Touch the Sky Poster

K2 Touch the Sky

The children of acclaimed alpinists - who died on K2 - undertake an expedition to answer the universal question: what is the price of passion? In the summer of 1986, several dozen alpinists met to climb K2, the world`s second highest mountain. Very soon a series of tragic events strike, killing 13 climbers. Almost 30 years later, Eliza Kubarska, the director, together with a group of grown-up children of acclaimed climbers, sets out to reach the K2 base camp, the symbolic burial place. Many will challenge themselves to face the past and to understand the force that once seduced their parents and killed them. On the other hand, Eliza, asks herself Is my passion worth the risk? Should I have a child? The film is an emotional journey set against breathtaking vistas of the Karakorum Mountains and a psychological portrait of people who are coping to understand choices and passion. Preceded by: Object is a creative and abstract image of a underwater search. The action takes place in the dimensions of two worlds – ice desert and underwater. The story is told from the point of view of the rescue team, of the diver entering the underwater all covered by ice, and of the ordinary people awaiting on the shore.

1hr 40mins long