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Jerzy Kukuczka was a Polish mountaineer, who was one to the best high-altitude climbers in history. Ascending fourteen of the world`s tallest mountains in less than eight years, he established new mountain routes, in winter and often without oxygen. On 24 October 1989 he died during the Lhotse expedition. The documentary shows a person who climbs higher and higher - literally, but also metaphorically and symbolically. From a bootblack to a millionaire, from a socialist worker to a media star,from the man who climbs without any money and equipment to the real competitor of Messner to climb the Crown of the Himalayas. It is also the image of the times, hard and colourful, when idealism was valued more than fame. Preceded by: Super unit Is it possible to change people’s lives with an idea? Architect Le Corbusier thought that numbers, measures and plans could. He called his buildings “machines for living”, designed to fulfill all basic human needs. Superjednostka (Polish for Superunit) in Katowice was one example of this experiment on people, with up to 3000 people “living” on 15 floors. The lifts only stop every three floors so the residents must go through a maze of corridors and stairs to get to their flats. The focus is on the people living in the block and important moments of their lives, emotions, and if their desires come true... or not.

1hr 40mins long