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Spellbound goes to Ireland in this documentary about the competitive Irish folk dancing scene and the children who compete within. "Jig is possessed of a fierce energy – and an agreeable warmth. Even the parents are likeable! Put the ferocity down to the sport in question: competitive Irish dancing in the rigorous, straight-backed, legs-of-lightning, feet-of-thunder style made famous by Michael Flatley. There's no need to ask what's driving these kids: their exhilaration is contagious. More pushed than pushy, the parents we meet have often sacrificed recklessly to support their children's passions.

1hr 34mins long

the McCarthy family
the Dziak family
Suzanne Coyle
Simona Mauriello
Sandun Verschoor
Julia O'Rourke
John Whitehurst
Joe Bitter
Claire Greaney
Brogan McKay
Ana Kondratyeva