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Island Bay Festival

The Film Archive presents: Wellington in the 1950s and 60s from Pacific Films Under the directorship of John O’Shea, Pacific Films made a wide range of films; features, news magazines, documentaries and advertising from the 1950s. This programme is a selection of some of their most interesting and entertaining films. Set in and around Wellington, the programme includes The Clott who Forgot - made for the New Zealand Post Office; newsreel items on the building of Rongotai Airport; the Wellington City Mission, and the opening of the first drive-in bank (situated in Taranaki St.) and the latest developments in the production of music in 1955. The longest film is a documentary on Wellington in the 1960s. A group of people are asked about their experience of living in the Capital city. These include postie and poet James K. Baxter, musician Annea Lockwood and nurse, Phillipa Grant. There are scenes of a student protest rally, people sunning themselves in Oriental Bay and Sisters from Island Bay’s Home of Compassion serving meals to the needy.

1hr long