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Isla Bonita

Fernando Colomo’s 20th feature film offering is nothing short of a delightful gem dealing with matters of the heart – both young and old. Colomo himself stars as Fer, a Woody Allen-esque divorced filmmaker in the midst of a life-crisis who makes ends meet by shooting adverts. While on an impulsive trip to Menorca with an old friend, Fer takes residence in the spare room of Nuria and her daughter Olivia (Olivia Delcán). Over the course of his stay, Fer will battle with an awkward crush on Nuria, while Olivia deals with the fickle nature of young summer love. When Nuria has to leave unexpectedly, Olivia and Fer explore the island and bond. Together with this dynamic duo, we pay a visit to the more remote corners of this paradise - we’ll laugh, and we’ll find ourselves succumbing to the carefree idleness of the radiant Balearics. Olivia will infect Fer with her boundless energy and free-loving spontaneity, and bring new life and inspiration into his work, with surprising outcomes.

1hr 41mins long

Tim Bettermann
Lilian Caro
Fernando Colomo