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In the modern age, our access to information is unprecedented. We’re increasingly plugged in, but are we connected? This lively collection of short films is a playful exploration of knowledge and the way we connect with others. THE REHEARSAL Comedy, 13 mins, USA, NZ Premiere A raucous comedy (with a great soundtrack) about a dysfunctional young band with an overbearing lead singer. Sound familiar? Dir/Writer: Sammy James, Jr. Prod: Sammy James, Jr., Nataliya Berlin. NOAH Drama, 18 mins, Canada, NZ Premiere A story for our times, set entirely on the computer screen of a teenage boy. Follow Noah as his relationship takes a rapid turn in this fascinating study of behaviour (and romance) in the digital age. Dir/Writer: Patrick Cederberg, Walter Woodman. Prod: Walter Woodman. REPORTING ON THE TIMES: THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE HOLOCAUST Documentary, 18 mins, USA, NZ Premiere This powerful documentary explores how and why The New York Times downplayed reports of The Holocaust during World War II. Dir: Emily Harrold. Prod: Debra Abell, Emily Harrold. RUN THE PLANET Documentary, 15 mins, NZ, NZ Premiere Celebrity ultra/adventure runner Lisa Tamati and her beginner protege Chris Ord take on an extreme run across the Australian outback desert. They retrace the footsteps of an indigenous stockman who, in 1922, ran 252km to save the life of a dying missionary. Dir/Prod: Lisa Tamati, Christopher Robert Ord. Writer: Christopher Robert Ord. TENDER Drama, 15 mins, AUS, NZ Premiere Max and Cate wake up next to each other and have to introduce themselves. A beautifully realised, sensitive and insightful look at sex and love, told mostly from the bedroom. Dir/Writer: Jessica Redenbach. Prod: Cecilia Ritchie. STEFFI GEFALLT DAS (Steffi Likes This) Comedy, 5 mins, Germany, NZ Premiere Paul is a social media junkie and he can’t live his life without his smart phone. This shameless comedy pokes fun at status updates, friend requests, photo-tagging and GPS tracking. Dir: Philipp Scholz. Prod/AUCKLAND Writer: Florian Gregor

1hr 24mins long

Various Directors
Various Actors