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In Therapy

`In Therapy’ stars Lilia Cabral as Mercedes, a happily married 40-something with two children, who out of curiosity decides to see a psychoanalyst. Her sessions on the therapist’s couch lead her on a comic journey of transformation, with young lovers, rave parties and a life she never knew she was missing. Her best friend Monica eggs her on, and Mercedes’ plain, middle-class life takes both surreal and poignant turns. Mercedes’ husband Gustavo adds to the comic tone - complaining she always has a drama when the football’s on tv - lending a “typical” Brazilian male perspective to the story. Lead actress Lilia Cabral starred in the long-running stage version of this film and brings a joyous depth and brilliant comic timing to the role.

1hr 30mins long
M Contains sex scenes,offensive language and drug use

Reynaldo Gianecchini
Lília Cabral
José Mayer
José Alvarenga Jr.
Alexandra Richter