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In Flagrante

2012 season: Back by popular demand, MaryJane O`Reilly`s hit neo-burlesque show In Flagrante is a modern and beautifully deviant take on the burlesque revival. Featuring new work and an extended show, In Flagrante one year later is edgy, wickedly funny and wildly sexy. MaryJane O`Reilly`s In Flagrante, evolved from its Auckland premier last year, is a neo-burlesque show that fuses the cryptic eye of a contemporary dance choreographer with the comedic and satiric themes of the eternal female image. Erotica for the thinking person, In Flagrante (which means 'caught in the act`) is a suite of 6 exquisite dancers with a taste for public nudity and a wild equestrian spirit. An evening of intimate performance covering all things `lady like` - an exhilarating romp through some deliciously dark and nuanced territory. Sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes sensual, but always an intellectual take on modern day femininity, MaryJane`s choreography ponders the images of women throughout our history, poking fun, questioning and sometimes downright blaspheming. Set to uber cool Austrian lounge group Waldeck`s album `Ballroom Stories,` In Flagrante is a series of short provocative pop art pieces from WW2 bomber nose art cartoon girls to galloping dancers in leather bridles and pony tails to nurses as objects of fetish to a subversive North Korean traffic girl... It`s edgy, off beat and deliciously sexy. In Flagrante has a performance time with interval of approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. R18: CONTAINS NUDITY AND ADULT THEMES Dancers: Shanelle Lenehan, Suzie Broadbent, Maria Munkowitz, Amanda MacFarlane, Lara Fischel-Chisholm, Lucy Miles. Music: Waldeck, album - Ballroom Stories Designer/props maker: Phil O`Reilly Lighting designer: Brad Gledhill Costumier: Elizabeth Whiting Technical manager: Peter Style Production manager: Mitchell Turei

1hr 25mins long

Sofia McIntyre
Shanelle Lenehan
Molly McDowall
Megan Hughes
Maria Munkowits
Amanda MacFarlane