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I'm Glad My Mother Is Alive Poster

I'm Glad My Mother Is Alive

This compelling drama of a boy's obsessive pursuit of his birth mother is based on a true story. Like many adolescents, rebellious Thomas Jouvet wants to disown his parents. This desire is that much easier to realise because Thomas is adopted. When he manages to track down his birth mother, he resolves to run away from his old life and move in with her. But even if Julie has matured in the intervening years, is he wise to invest so much hope in a woman who's already abandoned him once?

1hr 30mins long
M Violence, offensive language

Yves Verhoeven
Vincent Rottiers
Thomas Momplot
Sophie Cattani
Quentin Gonzalez
Olivier Gueritee
Nathan Miller
Maxime Renard
Ludo Harley
Gabin Lefebvre
Claude Miller
Christine Citti