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I Killed My Mother Poster

I Killed My Mother

This year's prodigy is undoubtedly Xavier Dolan, whose first feature, made before the child-actor-turned-auteur reached 20, has attracted endless hype since it became a Cannes sensation last year. But the hype is justified. It's a fiery, funny picture of a teenage boy and his single mother bound together and defined by their intense dislike of each other. Teachers, our hero's boyfriend and boyfriend's totally preferable Bohemian mother are all drawn into the vortex.

1hr 40mins long

Xavier Dolan
Xavier Dolan
Suzanne Clement
Pierre Chagnon
Patricia Tulasne
Pascale Audrey
Niels Schneider
Monique Spaziani
Laurent-Christophe De Ruelle
Francois Arnaud
Emile Mailhot
Anne Dor