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How Much Do You Love Me? Poster

How Much Do You Love Me?

A balding, downtrodden office worker steps up to the fanciest brothel in town, scopes out the most formidably gorgeous prostitute (Monica Bellucci, no less), tells her he's won the lottery and invites her home to spend his money. She accepts. The ensuing negotiations of cat and mouse are played out with verve and wit by both, and by a supporting cast of vicariously engaged friends and neighbours, including Blier regular Gerard Depardieu as Bellucci's exhausted mobster boyfriend.

1hr 35mins long
R18 Contains sex scenes and offensive language.

Sara Forestier
Monica Bellucci
Michel Vuillermoz
Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Gerard Depardieu
Francois Rollin
Farida Rahouadj
Edouard Baer
Bernard Campan