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When 26-year-old law student Farid (Tewfik Jallab) is asked by his father to go to Algeria and save the family house from demolition, he has no idea what to expect. He speaks only a little Arabic, he is frustrated by the local customs, and he can’t see the country’s beauty. Little by little, however, Farid falls in love with his father’s homeland, as well as a beautiful girl from the village (Zined Obeid). When Farid’s papers are stolen by his fast-talking cousin (Ame?lie’s Jamel Debbouze, one of France’s top comedians), the reputable French citizen must find a way back to France as an illegal immigrant. Or will he decide to stay in Algeria and make a new home for himself? This heart-warming comedy-drama, produced by the acclaimed Intouchables directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, is full of fascinating characters, gorgeous locations and natural performances. Partly inspired by the director’s own return to his father’s village in Algeria after a 20-year absence, Homeland is a triumphant story about identity and roots spread across two very different cultures.

1hr 27mins long
M Offensive language.

Tewfik Jallab
Jamel Debbouze
Fatsah Bouyahmed