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Homegrown - Works on Film

Blue NZ 2011. Director/Screenplay: Stephen Kang Producer: Tara Riddell Festivals: Cannes (Critics' Week) 2011. 14 mins Stephen Kang has a fine arts degree from the Elam School of Fine Arts. Blue was recently awarded the 50th Semaine de la Critique Grand Prix Canal at the Cannes Film Festival. A has-been children's-TV-show alien grapples with the reality that he has been forgotten. Ebony Society NZ 2011. Director/Screenplay: Tammy Davis Producers: Ainsley Gardiner, Chelsea Winstanley Festivals: Sundance, Berlin 2011. 13 mins Tammy Davis, from Wanganui, has had a lot of experience in the film and television industry. Taking a break from acting, Tammy has a shot at directing with Ebony Society. Mischievous youths Vinnie and Jonah celebrate Christmas by stealing, but an unexpected encounter tests their friendship and motives. Eeling NZ 2011. Director: Peter McCully Screenplay: Frances Edmond Producer: Maile Daugherty. 11 mins Peter McCully provides high-quality visual effects for the New Zealandfilm industry. Eeling's unique visual style creates a fanciful setting and accentuates the peculiar storyline. Discontented and lonely, a rural woman becomes seduced into the mysterious world of eels. Bird NZ 2011. Directors/Screenplay: Jane Shearer, Steve Ayson Screenplay: Gregory King Producers: Rachel Gardner, Anna Geddes. 15 mins Jane Shearer and Steve Ayson's collaboration began with the award-winning short film Nature's Way, which premiered at Cannes in 2006. This talented team comes together again to create Bird, a film about an ageing hippy enthusiastically anticipating death; the only thing in his way is his daughter. Meathead NZ 2011. Director/Screenplay: Sam Holst Producers: Desray Armstrong, Chelsea Winstanley Festivals: Cannes (In Competition) 2011. 11 mins One of only nine international shorts selected for competition at Cannesthis year, Sam Holst's Meathead is a film about a young man's first day at work in a meat factory. Fitting in isn't his biggest concern – it's surviving. Preferably Blue NZ 2011. Director: Alan Dickson Screenplay: Wayne Ching Producer: Glen Real. 11 mins Alan Dickson, the creative director of Yukfoo Ltd, has been working in New Zealandas an animation director since 1998. Not your typical Christmas story, Preferably Blue explores what happens when a naughty Easter bunny runs into a lonely Santa at a pub.

1hr 15mins long