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Homegrown - Flights of Fantasy

MIC Toi Rerehiko presents a diverse and eclectic programme of videos that defy genre and experiment with technique and storytelling while evoking otherworldly experiences. Miriam Harris, senior lecturer, Design and Visual Arts at Unitec Institute of Technology and Deborah Lawler-Dormer at MIC Toi Rerehiko have selected this programme. Meniscus NZ 2010. Director/Producer: Maria-Elena Doyle. 8 mins Meniscus is Doyle's second film. Inspired by Hone Tuwhare's poem 'No Ordinary Sun', this film draws on live-action dance, compositing and 3D animation. Disquiet NZ 2011. Director: SJ. Ramir. 8 mins Ramir is a widely exhibited NZ video artist and filmmaker based in Melbourne. Disquiet uses the movement of an anonymous figure through remote environments to evoke metaphysical journeying. Junk UK/NZ 2011. Director: Kirk Henry Producer: Lydia Russell. 7 mins NZ film director Kirk Hendry is based in London. Produced at the London animation studio th1ng with support from the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund, Junk pushes the silhouette film – one of the oldest film forms – to new heights of drama and realism using the latest technology while still retaining a handmade charm. Nominated for Best Short Film at the British Animation Awards. The Master NZ 2010. Director: Gavin Hipkins. 6 mins The Master is the first film directed by internationally celebrated NZ artist Gavin Hipkins. This poetic experimental narrative film negotiates the phenomenon of the 'Christ Trip' and associated youthful quest for martyrdom against the backdrop of a contemporary art school. Shot in grainy black and white Super 16mm film and based on Oscar Wilde's poem in prose from 1894, this film references the classical avant-garde. Last Flight NZ 2010. Director: Damon Keen. 15 mins Damon Keen has worked on numerous multimedia projects over the last 30 years. Last Flight is based on a comic he created for New Ground magazine and is the culmination of two and a half years of work in his spare time. A lone astronaut, 200 million kilometres from home, her base destroyed and her oxygen dwindling, begins a perilous trek across the windswept deserts of Mars. Chrysalis NZ 2010. Director/Producer: Paul Kim. 4 mins Chrysalis is a filmic poem that engages with conventions of the traditional Korean poetic genre, sijo. The result is an enigmatic contemplation on lost identity. Every Moment (Is a Miracle) NZ 2011. Director: Mardo El-Noor. 5 mins Mardo El-Noor's surreal animation works have featured in the last two years of Homegrown. Mardo is a German-born, Jordanian-raised Kiwi who is an illustrator, filmmaker and musician. In this captivating journey through an imaginary world, landscapes and architecture tell a story of love and loss. Huhu Attack! NZ 2011. Director: Patrick Gillies Producers: Patrick Gillies, Melissa Dodds Festivals: Clermont-Ferrand 2011. 15 mins Beginning his career in television news, Patrick Gillies has gone on to make ten short films, two independent feature films and three television comedies. Huhu Attack! was shot in Christchurch and features a spectacular musical score performed by the NZSO. Baz Luhrmann meets Peter Jackson in this audacious 50s-style comedy-horror-musical extravaganza.

1hr 8mins long
R13 horror scenes, adult themes, low level offensive language