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Chris Smith must have some sort of specially made eccentric director: How else to explain how the man who found American Movie's obsessive monster-movie maker tracked down five equally wacked home owners for this charming look at domicile insanity. Granted, not all of his five subjects' peculiarities are equally expressed in their homes: the Louisiana alligator wrangler's houseboat seems tame compared to the Illinois inventor's remote-control ranch house, where the toilet is enclosed in a flowerpot that whirs aside at the touch of a button. Some are frenetic, like the home of two cat lovers who've reconfigured their home (and their lives) to suit their 11 felines. (The woman has been told she's allergic, but she got another doctor.) And some are peaceful, like the Hawaiian mountain tree top retreat of an American who once starred on the No. 2 sitcom in Japan. The home of one Kansas couple manages to be both. Made from a converted nuclear missile silo, their underground warren is a shrine to peace and harmony, although you'll catch the couple's male half bragging about how many megatons of TNT their home can withstand. The real joy in the film comes from the happy interaction between the subjects and their creations. Whether playing flute in the acoustic chamber of an underground tunnel or hauling in fresh crabs right off the front porch, they've each found peace in do-it-yourself architecture.

1hr 6mins long

Linda Beech
Ed Peden
Diana Peden
Darlene Satrinano
Chris Smith
Ben Skora